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Property Management Solutions that fit your needs today, and prepare you for tomorrow.


At Smart Business Consultants, we specialize in property management and accounting.  Our property management professionals have between 5 and 10 years of full-time experience on Propertyware’s platform.  Leveraging this combination of industry knowledge and experience will ensure you are using the Propertyware property management system to its’ full capabilities, making your company more efficient and profitable. Take a look at an overview of our Propertyware consulting service areas below.

Property Management System by Propertyware

Implementation & Setup

Save time and effort by utilizing our Implementation and Setup services. Our experienced team will help guide you through the entire property management system setup to fit your specific business model. Our startup services include;

• Account Configuration

• Owner/Building/Tenant Imports

• Balance Transfers

• Document Imports

• Go-Live Preparation

Accounting Services

Get off to a great start to ensure your financial integrity with our Accounting services. Learn how to take advantage of the powerful accounting features of Propertyware. Our Accounting Services include;

• Accounting Setup 

• Account Reconciliations 

• Audit Assistance

• Financial Reporting  

• QuickBooks Integration

Customization Services

Propertyware's flexibility and customization features are unlike any other. Learn how to find targeted information through customized reports and how to eliminate the use of outside applications to run your business smoothly. Our Customization Services include;

• Custom Fields 

Custom Reports 


• Mail Merge Templates 

• Tasks / Task Templates

• DocuSign Integration

• Application Settings

Training & Support 

Our team offers knowledgeable support and comprehensive training which covers all aspects of Propertyware. Our property management solutions give you the confidence that you need. Our Training & Support services include;

• Module Training 

• Processes 

• Workflows

• Best Practices

• Ongoing Admin Support



Contact us to discuss your Propertyware account needs.


We work with you via phone, email and through online meetings to set
 things in order, and to provide ongoing services.


Reach out to us any time you need additional training or support. 

Save valuable time with our experience.

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