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Account Configuration - Our property management consultants will help guide you through all setup items to fit your business model- carefully explaining each option and the impact it has on daily activity in the system. Get started on the right foot!

Owner/Building/Tenant Imports - Save time and effort by utilizing our unique import capabilities.  We can export from most other property management systems and import the information directly into Propertyware ensuring data integrity.

Balance Transfers - Our experienced accounting professionals will help you gather all pertinent balance information from your old system and transfer it to Propertyware. We will then audit your owner and tenant ledgers for accuracy to ensure a seamless transition for your owners and tenants.

Document Imports - With Document Sync- you can upload documents in a more efficient manner.  Our team will help you install and instruct on how to use this valuable tool.

Go-Live preparation - Be prepared and ready for go-live.  Our experienced professionals will make sure all of the important tasks have been completed and you haven’t missed something critical to doing business.

See what we can do for your business.

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