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Custom Reports - Propertyware reporting is second to no one.  There are over 150 base reports that can be modified and filtered to give you exactly the information you need.  Our team can assist in ensuring you are getting the targeted information you require from your reporting.

Dashboards - Take your favorite reports and push them to your desktop with visuals. Our property management consultants can assist in creating meaningful dashboards that your team can use for process and workflow tracking.

Custom Fields – Propertyware gives you the ability to create “custom” fields to give you greater flexibility. These fields are 100% reportable and can help greatly with task management and metrics. Our experience and knowledge will help you determine what fields you need and where they should be located for greater efficiencies.

Tasks - Propertyware tasks can help you organize and track repetitive or routine functions. Our staff can help you create effective templates that will make you more efficient.

Mail Merge Templates - Propertyware’s mail merge capabilities are impressive. Mail merge allows you to send customized documents such as lease agreements, property management agreements, lease renewals and more, directly from Propertyware. Our staff has expert knowledge in this area to ensure you capture all of the information you need to make this tool an effective part of everyday business.

DocuSign Integration - Propertyware has paired DocuSign's digital signature abilities within the mail merge templates and PDF forms. Our team can help guide you through integrating signature settings, providing a clear understanding of how this great time saving feature works for you as well as for your recipients.

Application Settings - Propertyware's online application feature provides options for you to gain prospects right from your website. We can help you customize your online application settings to fit your desired needs including DocuSign integration, application fee settings, and more.

See what we can do for your business.

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